Breaking Down the EV Range Anxiety Barrier: The Future of Unlimited Carbon Neutral Mobility; Electreon To Demonstrate its Electric Road Technology Empowering an EV To Drive Up to 100 Hours Next Week

BEIT YANAI, Israel, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Electreon (TASE: ELWS), announced today it is ready to publicly demonstrate what, Oren Ezer, CEO and Co-founder of Electreon, describes as "The unlimited potential of wireless Electric Road technology (Dynamic Wireless EV Charging)."

In less than one week (starting on May 21st, 2023), the Electreon team will showcase its industry-changing wireless Electric Road technology charging a TOYOTA RAV4-PHEV as it drives on the company's demonstration wireless Electric Road  for up to 100 hours. In a world first, over a five-day period (21st-25th of May, 2023), the hybrid EV's compact and lightweight 18 kWh battery will never be depleted (fully discharged) and will drive between 1,000 - 1,500 km over the five-day period. Electreon selected this hybrid vehicle to demonstrate how any EV, even one with a minimal vehicle battery size can benefit from extended, even unlimited range, with wireless EV charging. The company's demonstration track is just over 200 meters in length and approximately 25% of the track is electrified. By driving 1,000 km, the wireless EV charging technology will increase the range 13 times more than the current hybrid vehicle real-world limits; and driving 1,500 km without will extend the vehicle's range 20-fold.[1]

While drivers will change throughout the week, the vehicle will not need to stop for dedicated charging time throughout the five-day period. On Wednesday, 24th of May, the Electreon team will welcome select clients, partners, suppliers, investors, industry, academics, investors and political leaders to its headquarters to witness 'history in the driving'. The driving rally will be live-streamed for anyone to tune into at any point.

Ezer states, "Industry, political and public support for wireless EV charging technologies is greater now than at any other time since Electreon's doors opened in 2013. We witnessed industry enthusiasm for our wireless EV technology grow into unwavering support. Now we see it bloom into declarations of commitment to advance wireless charging in commercial projects in public roads across the globe. Today we are involved in  a dozen projects across five countries together with more than 60 global partners, including leading automotive partners. This is the tipping point." said Oren Ezer, CEO and Co-founder of Electreon. "Just this month we launched the first public shuttle that charges as it drives in Germany (dynamically). Here we are also demonstrating the true potential of the wireless EV charging road."

The company is no stranger to the limelight, selected to feature in several documentaries, including Bloomberg's 15-min piece, How Electric Roads Could Power the Future, and in 2021 its technology was named by TIME Magazine as one of its coveted Inventions of the Year. Since the company went public in Israel in 2018, Ezer has announced a string of automotive and industry category partnerships and investments that demonstrate the great interest in this technology.

About Electreon
Electreon is the leading developer and provider of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), providing end-to-end charging infrastructure and services, to meet the needs and efficiency demands of shared, public, and commercial fleet operators and consumers. The company's proprietary inductive technology dynamically (while in motion) and statically (while stopped) charges EVs quickly and safely, eliminating range anxiety, lowering total costs of EV ownership, and reducing battery capacity needs-making it one of the most environmentally sustainable, scalable, and compelling charging solutions available in the market today. Electreon collaborates with cities and fleet operators on a "sale" business model, and on a Charging as a Service (CaaS) business model, that enables cost-effective electrification of public, commercial, and autonomous fleets for smooth and continuous operation. For more information, visit

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[1] The range for an 18 kWh battery in real world driving conditions would be ~ 75 km.

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