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Electreon Partners with BDX on Wireless Loading Dock Charging Pilot for Ahlsell’s Last Mile Delivery Fleet
Nov 21, 2023
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STOCKHOLM, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Global wireless Electric Vehicle (EV) charging pioneer Electreon (TASE: ELWS) is pleased to announce a partnership to deliver a groundbreaking wireless charging initiative to BDX Företagen AB, a prominent road and freight distribution company operating in Sweden for Ahlsell AB

The project incorporates Electreon’s cuting-edge wireless charging technology powering a commercial van, for both the loading dock top-up and overnight depot charging use cases.

It is expected that the project will begin operating in Spring 2024 for a period of 24 months. BDX Företagen AB which carries goods for one of the Nordic Region’s leading distribution companies, Ahlsell Sverige AB, will utilize the electric light truck as it charges seamlessly while loaded with goods at the loading docks, and while parked overnight at the logistics center in southwest Stockholm. “This project introduces Electreon’s technology for a new segment in the market. Very soon, a BDX Företagen AB vehicle will benefit from seamless top-up wireless charging; eliminating the need for driver intervention when the vehicle backs into a loading dock at the distribution center, as charging begins automatically. This will enhance vehicle operational efficiency and create a clutter and cable-free environment for the drivers and the workforce at the distribution center.” Stated Maher Kasskawo, Business Development Manager for Electreon in the Nordics. 

Temperatures in Stockholm can plummet to -20 degrees in winter, with heavy ice and snow cover. This project will highlight the robustness and durability of Electreon’s wireless EV charging technology even in these harsh climate conditions. The electric light truck will operate a full daily schedule, powered by a minimal battery. The vehicle will handle morning deliveries, driving approximately 50 kilometers, then the driver will return to the distribution center to reload and recharge, and continue to afternoon operations. “BDX Företagen AB is proactively working to reduce its environmental impacts and this project is one example of the initiatives we are taking to do so. We look forward to charging with this new technology, and to seeing how this project can help us meet our cost reduction and zero emission goals,” Jimmy Glarén, Stockholm Business Area Manager at BDX Företagen AB said.

”Ahlsell is a Nordic market leading trade and solution company where logistics is a key factor. Our vision is to build a more sustainable society and we are excited to be involved in this project where we together explore new technology to promote that transition and meet future customer needs”, said Jonas Lovenhill, Transport Manager, Ahlsell AB.

The partners expect that this project will also serve as a demonstration site for potential logistics fleet clients and a range of partners across the Nordic Region; showing that top-up wireless EV charging, combined with minimal vehicle battery, is the most sustainable pathway toward zero-emission electric delivery fleets.

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On behalf of Electreon AB 
Maher Kasskawo, Nordic Business Development Manager 
maher.k@electreon .com

On behalf of BDX Företagen AB
Jimmy Glarén, Stockholm Business Area Manager

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Jonas Lovenhill, Transport Manager

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